My friends call me Phil. I grew up in Geneva and studied biochemistry and molecular biology. I started to get out of the city pretty late to find the outdoors. I also enjoy analog photography, maybe this is due to my love for the lab and Science.
I have always been attracted and interested by the image, in movies, paints and photographs of course. But it is only around 2012 that I really started to involve myself in understanding how it works and I wanted to learn how to shoot great pictures.
I spent some time at the Photo Club of Lausanne, where I met a bunch of nice and interesting photographers. I learned a lot there and I also started to teach analog photography after a while.
This brought me to start giving workshops on my own, these are more landscape and nature oriented. I also got some job offers and nice collaboration with brands and personalities.
I tend to try and play as much in photography. I think it opens your technique and creativity wider. I really like street photography, macro and portraits. I always advise to get out of the confort zone and explore new worlds.
However, I focus more on landscape and outdoors/sport photography, for tourism, products and people from that industry.
I tend to show my work through exhibitions, I definitely love the contact with people curious about my work, I also love to explain and discuss about my images.
For any question or request send me an email here: